~ just another day in India ~
a journey through India, with diary and pictures of Mumbai, Rajasthan, Varanasi, Delhi

map / travel diary / photos:
~ map with routes~
~ travel diary North India ~
~ pictures North India ~
~ travel diary South India ~

short stories:
The Walkaway Journey (Milano)
Exchange Rates (Mumbai)
Chai (Varanasi)
Arrividerci (Rajasthan)

Vypeen (Kochi)
In the Centre of Time (Mumbai)

flash movies:
sunrise in Varanasi
sunset at the Taj


and now, finally... the whole story.
it took a while to get it on paper, but here it is:
Masala Moments

Masala M
a fictional travel novel,
based on my own journeys through India.
click the cover to get a taste of it.

& for more journeys:
try in transit,
my new story collection:

in transit:
road stories + city scenes
crossings, arrivals, encounters & departures
west -> east, berlin -> miami, a -> b
& all those states in between

germany / europe / usa / asia

(and here the link to my homepage: blueprint21.de)