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Dorothee Lang is the founding editor of BluePrintReview and Daily s-Press. Living in the South of Germany, she partly is a writer, editor, web freelancer and traveller. Recent publications include elimae, Folded Word, HA&L, The New Yorker (book bench), Otoliths and Metazen.

After completing her first story collection "in transit", she currently is working on a multicultural novel project.

he holds a degree in economics and advertising, keeps a sky diary and blogs at virtual notes.

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email: Dorothee DOT Lang AT blueprint21 DOT de
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a b
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Dorothee Lang edits the BluePrintReview , an experimental online journal, and is the author of Masala Moments, a travel novel about India . Her work has appeared in Hobart, Eclectica, The Mississippi Review, Juked, NoTellMotel, Subtletea and numerous other places. For more about her, visit her at blueprint21.de .