Some of my own favourite works - combined with works that received special feedback - are included below.

For my recent publications, follow this link: dorothee lang - new publications. It leads to a list in my blog with notes for each piece.

There also is a visual archive and a linked list of publications.

Slices (short story)
a small/large story in 250 words. personal fav, and a fav of 33 others

Society of Swans
a poem at Yb, nominated for a Pushcart Prize

Castle of Words
a book moment, featured in the blog of The New Yorker

time train
a cyber poem, featured at the Cosmopoetica Festival in Cordoba

Pop Up Poptagon
a pop culture collab flash, published in Locus Novus

The Buddha, the Dharma, the Sangha
a travel story from Cambodia, 2nd place in Transitions Abroad

[more to follow]