Why I blog: for several reasons. Or rather: out of several motivations. One is, like with every diary: to pay attention to life as it moves on. To take note of things happening. To create a place of reflection, of sorting thoughts. Also, to create a place of memory, one that allows to travel back in time, and that helps to see the larger pattern, the context of inner / outer happenings:


life as a journey
my usual blog, with longer and shorter notes about things, moments, days, books i read, places i've been, reflections, thoughts, quotes, etc

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p art ici patio n
my photo blog. i started it in summer 2011 as a creative journal to take part in the 100 Days Project. in January 2012, it was my journal for the River of Stones. now it's back with 100 Days. more about that, in the blog archive.

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