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Dorothee Lang is into roads, stories, places, crossings, and all the things they lead and connect to.


the official version:

Dorothee Lang is a freelancer,
writer and traveller, and the founding editor of BluePrintReview, an experimental online literary and visual arts journal. She lives in the middle of Europe and always was fascinated by languages, roads and the world, themes that reflect in her own work.

In 2010, she initiated the language/place blog carnival, a collaborative web project. Her new book "WOR(L)DS APART, a true story about a friendship across cultures was recently released by Folded Word Press.

Her writing and art has appeared in more than 150 journals and magazines, inlcuding smaller and larger venues in both print and online: Zeit Online (Germany), The New Yorker blog (USA), The Sunday Herald (India), but also qarrtsiluni, elimae, Metazen, Word Riot, eclectica - more here: publications.

serves as preliminary judge for the 'Story South Award' - the largest short story competition in cyberspace, holds a degree in economics and advertising, worked for several years as a project manager in a media company, and blogs at life as a journey.


the longer version:

Dorothee Lang, or: life as a journey

Hi and hallo! Thanks for visiting. Here's a bit about me and my writing, my journeys, and the online projects i'm involved in, with some links included. In case you wonder: I am German, and started to learn English in school and then just kept on learning. Looking back now, there probably are 2 things that made a difference back then: We had a brilliant English teacher at school, who encouraged us to read books in their original language. And about the same time, my father bought a computer - that was long before windows, so i learned Basic, started to read English computer magazines, and ended up rather unafraid of languages, computers, codes and manuals. That phase ended with teenagehood, but I kept reading English books since then.

After finishing school, I studied economies with a focus on marketing , and jobbed in a bookshop. That also was the time of my first (rather sheltered) solo trip: to Ireland, for 3 weeks of language summer school. If someone had told me back then that a couple of years later, I would travel to Asia, and write a novel about that in English, while editing an international literary indie e-zine, I wouldn't have been able to believe it. My way to go seemed to be so clear: find a job, work, finally apply all those things I learned during school and university. And so I did: I worked for several years in the marketing/advertising of a media company, one project after the other. The work there had an unplanned side-effect, though: with each project, i also learned a bit more about editing, texts, photography and layout.

It was during that time that i started to write first stories, and also started to travel to far-away places - first to New Zealand, then to Asia. That's how my english writing begun, and also my web-design: by travelling, meeting other travellers, and then keeping in touch after the journey, and sharing travel images and stories with friends and my family.

Here's one of the travel pages i put together after returning from a trip through South East Asia that lead through Thailand, Laos and Vietnam: Life is a journey, not a destination


[more to come]


some extra links:

more about being bilingual: Writers in Masks