Masala Moments
a travel novel from India

Dorothee Lang

India in a teacup. Its flavour in pages. Its aroma in words. That is Masala Moments, the thoughts of an intrepid traveller through the maze of crowds, chaos and centrifugalness that is India.

Yet the central character in the book, June, is not just the voice of the West but rather the echoes of the universal traveller- the search is not for India but the endless lure of the road. To roam the alleys of Hampi, the chowpatty beaches of Mumbai and the rustic languidness of the backwaters of Kerala for no reason apart from the fact that it “was time for it.”

From conversations with fellow travelers through restaurants and roadways, the reader is taken on a journey that offers more than India - it is essentially a glimpse into the sameness we share, Indian or German or Canadian or American, the ways are different but the paths cross.

Based on her own journeys through Asia, Dorothee Lang weaves an inspiring travel novel that includes ancient tales, lessons of karma, and modern myths. For those who are longing to go, it includes an extra chapter with practical travel advice.


Publication information:
- ISBN: 1-4116-4293-7
- Paperback, 164 pages
- published by CautionaryTalePress
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